Mobile Visitor Center

The promotionally designed cult VW van is a mobile office of the Rogoznica and Šibenik tourist boards. Main use of the Mobile Visitor Center is to inform tourists with all the useful facts about the facilities at these locations.
When designing the van, it was important to highlight the most important locations of Šibenik and Rogoznica.This was achieved in such a way that Šibenik with its sights is on the back, and Rogoznica on the front of the van.

On the side of Šibenik the st. Jacobs cathedral and the fortress of St. Nicholas are illustrated. When the van stops, the roof is raised so that we see the letter “i” at the top, as a sign for the info desk.

On the side of Rogoznica, two sights are highlighted, Lake Zmajevo Oko and Cape Planka.
Since the branding of the lake is based on the legend of the dragon, the dragon’s tail is in focus. It appears on the side, in the scene where it protrudes from the lake and on the roof where follows the traffic sign for Rogoznica.
The main characteristic of Cape Planka is that it geographically divides the Adriatic into northern and southern, which is shown with a map of Croatia.

The main purpose of the van is to travel through the county, where the very appearance is a way of promotion, and every now and then it stops for additional interaction. That is why the most important information is on the side, visible even without the van stopping, and additional illustrations on the roof can only be seen when the van is parked.

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